Sending - Receiving articles

Receiving articles from other libraries

Users of the Library and Information Centre of the University of Ioannina (LIC-UI) can order articles from journals that are not available in the Library, but they exist in other Greek or foreign libraries.
Orders for articles from Greece are processed through the Journals Union Catalogue of the National Documentation Centre Orders for articles from foreign Libraries are handled by the National Documentation Centre through other Libraries cooperation networks. Service is available for users who can borrow materials from LIC-UI

Users who submit a request must:

  1. make certain that the requested article does not exist in the collection of LIC-UI and the Heal-link consortium
  2. be informed about the cost of the article
  3. submit a request for the article via the Electronic ILL Application Management System
  4. Pay the fee upon receipt of the article

Estimated acquisition time for articles from Greece is 1-7 days and for foreign articles: 3-25 days. For any delays in shipping of the material from a Library, the user is informed about the cancellation or the reconfirmation of the request.

Articles are delivered after a telephone call or other information of the user by the ILL Office of LIC-UI. The user shall receive the articles within three days from the moment he is notified.

Articles that are delivered photocopied are not returned. Users can receive them by the ILL Service (Monday -Friday: 08:30-14:00).

Sending articles to other libraries

The LIC-UI sends articles to other Libraries in Greece responding to requests only from Libraries subscribed in the Union Catalogue of Science and Technology Journals of the Greek Scientific and Technological Libraries by the National Documentation Centre. Requests from individuals or Libraries that do not participate in this Libraries Network are not accepted.

Articles are sent through email when they do not exceed 20 pages. If the article exceeds 20 pages or when there are multiple requests from the same library then it is sent by mail.

The cost of articles may vary form 2€ (up to 20 pages) up to 15€ (200 pages and over). For articles sent by fax the cost fluctuates from 2, 50€ up to 6€. For articles received from foreign Libraries the cost is about 20€ and it can take up to 2 weeks via mail.

The ILL is provided via the web through the Electronic Management ILL Application System. Through this system users can submit and monitor electronic interlibrary loan requests.