The photocopiers, which are located on the ground floor to the left of the entrance of the Library, have a card-receiver. Users can buy cards from the Library help desk.

Each card costs €5 and allows the user to make 100 copies.

Copiers-network printers-scanners (Scan2mail)

MFPs (copier-scanners-network) printers are installed at the Central Library and give users the ability to scan printed material and send it via e-mail to the address they specify.

Copyright - Personal Details

Computer users of LIC-UI are obliged to obtain information and data only in a legal and approved way, using software respecting the copyright legislation in Greece.

The LIC-UI respects the copyright law for works of all authors and publishers regardless of the format in which they are published. Violation of the copyright laws may lead to imposing of sanctions to members of the academic community.

Users and employees of LIC-UI should respect the personal files and data of other users, avoiding to examine them, to transmit or to modify them without their approval.

People who use the e-mail service should not use a false identity. Messages should not be sent anonymously to defraud recipients. Do not send emails to people who have not registered to those email lists.

Computer systems and e-services offered by the Library and Information Center of the University of Ioannina are used in such a way to support the mission of the University and its academic character.

Throughout the Library there are computers used only for searching the online catalogues (OPAC), computers for internet use and computers on which users can use software packages.

Network services (sockets) with Internet access are provided in all floors of the Library. There is wireless Internet connection throughout the building.

All members of the academic community of the University of Ioannina can use the LIC-UI equipment.