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LIC-UI has a seating availability of 600 seats in the 6 floors of the library.

There are labels in stacks, both in book and journal collections, sorting the material by topic, so readers access them quickly and easily.

Pcs - Internet Access

Computers with access to the Library's online catalog and Internet are placed on the ground floor of the library. Wi-fi access is provided throughout the building. There are at least two computers for searching in the opac in every floor of the Library.

Library auditorium

The Library has a modern Auditorium with 160 seats for the educational and cultural activities of the Library. The Auditorium can be used also for educational purposes. The use of an auditorium requires the submission of a request.

Closed Carrels

The Library and Information Centre of the University of Ioannina has a number of closed carrels for users who wish an isolated work environment. Teamwork can also be carried out in such areas.

Closed carrels are separated into two categories depending on the duration of use. There are those available for a few days and others that are used daily. Use of daily closed carrels is in accordance with the application date while for longer granting the identity of the person making the request is taken into consideration. Priority use of space is given in the following order:

  1. Honorary and emeritus professors of the University of Ioannina.
  2. Visiting Professors and Researchers affiliated with the University.
  3. PhD students and postgraduate students who author their thesis.

Users wishing to use a closed carrel must complete the relevant application of LIC-UI. The Director of the Library is responsible for the evaluation and approval of the applications. A certification of the Department in which the user belongs is also necessary. After the approval of the request for the use of the closed carrel, the applicant must sign an agreement. The user can receive the keys for the use of the closed carrel from the reference - information desk.