Information for Students of the UoI


As a student at the University of Ioannina you have access to a wide range of information resources and facilities to support your studies.

  • Graduate students can borrow up to fifteen (15) books for thirty (30) days
  • Undergraduate students can borrow up to three (3) books for thirty (30) days.


The borrowed material must be returned to LIC-UI after a request by another user (after 10 days from the date of the loan). The material borrowed to any user, must be returned when requested for census purposes, checking etc.

Code of conduct for computing systems and electronic services use

Computer systems and related electronic services are provided by the LIC-UI in order to support teaching and research and to provide services to society as a public educational institution.
Unauthorized use of computer systems and electronic services are prohibited.
Users should not damage computer facilities and should be careful when they use the computer services of LIC-UI.
The computer systems of LIC-UI should not be used in ways that offend or harass anyone.
The use of electronic equipment and services of LIC-UI should under no circumstances be carried out in a way that discriminates between users. Any behavior intimidating or attacking someone due to sex, race, color, religion, nationality, age or sexual orientation is prohibited.
In cases where a person is suspected for misuse of computers, inspection of the contents of their files by a staff member may take place. Violations of the rules of the Library for the use of computer systems and electronic services may restrict or ban the person from using them. Additionally, it is possible to impose penalties according to the rules of LIC-UI.


At some point we all need a little help. The Library together with other University services are here for you.

For support in psychological issues, contact the Counseling Center of our University

For health issues, contact the Department of Student Affairs - Healthcare

For student affairs please contact Student Care.