Inter-Library Loan service

Interlibrary loan – Borrowing books from other libraries

The LIC-UI uses "Interlibrary Loan Service" (ILL) for users who want to borrow books that are available in another Greek Academic or a foreign one. Only readers who have a LIC-UI card have the right to request ILL.

The shipping of books is done by courier and the cost is borne by the user. The cost of IILL from cooperating Greek libraries is 9 euros (up to 2 kg package weight). The cost of ILL from foreign libraries may exceed 20 euros. For exact postage please contact Mrs. Karamitsou.

Applicants who submit ILL book order request must:

  1. check that the book is not available in the collections of LIV-UI "(OPAC)"
  2. be informed about the cost of ILL
  3. Submit an electronic request for the ILL of the book they need from another library via the Electronic ILL Application Management System
  4. Pay the fee upon receipt of the article

The estimated acquisition period for books from Greek Libraries is 10 days and for books from foreign libraries 20-30 days. The ILL service staff notifies users by telephone or by e-mail to pick up the book. Users should receive the book and pay the cost within three days.

The books are loaned for a limited period of time, stipulated by the Library-supplier (usually one or two weeks). The books must be returned in time to the ILL Service in order to be returned to the Library that supplied them. ILL is applicable only for material belonging to the main collection of a library

Electronic Management ILL Application System

The ILL service is provided via the web through the Electronic Management ILL Application System. Through this system users can submit and monitor electronic interlibrary loan requests.
The "ILL Book Service" is located in the Library front desk of LIC-UI on the ground floor and is open Monday-Friday, 8:30-14:00. Please contacts: Mr. Karamitsou Fotini, tel. 2651005003, email: