Collection Development Policy


The collection development policy of the University of Ioannina Library is focused on the literature and information needs of the University of Ioannina academic community.

The Library aims to provide, from within its own resources, the literature and information resources to support the undergraduate and postgraduate courses at the University of Ioannina.

The Library provides also the literature to cover the information needs of all students, including external users.

Material Acquisition

Acquisition of information resources may include:

  • Acquisition of physical materials, in a variety of formats, to be held in the Library
  • Acquisition of access to remote electronic resources
  • Donations

LIC-UI owns the entire book and information material, electronic equipment acquired from the University of Ioannina.


Material is acquired in a variety of formats. The choice of format takes into account the following:

  • User demand
  • Availability & cost
  • Availability of necessary technology, equipment & facilities
  • Content Relevance
  • Accessibility
  • Licensing arrangement
  • Cost effectiveness


Greek is the preferred language in acquiring materials. However most of the books are in English. Works published in other languages are acquired where they are relevant to disciplines or where needed for research and there is no appropriate Greek language version.

Electronic resources

The Library provides access to electronic resources based on the criteria listed within this document. Its goal is to actively pursue the purchase of electronic resources in preference to print where economically viable. As a result, the Library allocates a major part of its funding to the purchase of e-journals. E-Journals are also provided to library users through HEAL LINK.


LIC-UI accepts donations of books and information material that support its collections and educational and research programs of the University and they are relevant to the collection development policy of the LIC-UI. In case of non-acceptance, the library may propose other libraries in which the donation will be useful.
After a donation is accepted it is property of the LIC-UI. Only the Library can decide how to maintain, ordinate, process, use and make it available to users. It can then be free for common use as the rest of the library material.
The Library is not obliged to return any donated material without consulting first with the Legal Department. The donor may submit a material return request that has been accepted in the past without a donation agreement.
If, after receiving a donation is realized that part of it already exists in the LIC-UI this material may be withdrawn, be offered in another library, or returned to the donor or their family.
Donations may be copied for protection. These copies will be stored in another location in order to secure copyright regulations. Finally, accurate lists of all the material are kept to prove ownership in case of theft.
Material that can be withdrawn is: Calendars, invitations, memos, congratulation cards, condolences and greetings cards, etc. For each item withdrawn from a collection a withdrawal form should be completed.
The LIC-UI reserves the right to include, without limitation, material obtained from donations in exhibitions organized in the premises of the campus or outside of it.
The LIC-UI reserves the right to make changes in the policy for donations in order to protect its collections and service to its users. Terms may change without prior notification.  

The LIC-UI takes the necessary precautions to protect the collections from theft, fire and parasites.

Lost material

Material that has been lost has to be replaced in accordance with the regulations of the library